New Year, New Me?


Well some things will change over the year I hope.  More stability would be nice!

Also more tea.

I have the shortest concentration span of all the goldfish in the bowl today.  And yesterday.  Probably tomorrow too, so no changes there.  It’s causing a few problems with sticking at projects and such – I want to write a book for a start, but I’m struggling to settle into it.  I’m about 4000 words in, which is a bit pathetic really, although I do have the main plot plotted in.  As it were.  Sort of.

Right, I started this post about 4 hours ago… I definitely intend to finish it today!

I’m seeing the CPN tomorrow – first visit of 2014 on the first day they open at 9:15am, because I’m on an amber alert due to hypomania. Fun!  Well it is at the moment.  So CPN tomorrow…  She said last time if I was still hypomanic they’d put my antidepressant down from 60mg to 40mg (duloxetine) rather than immediately increase the quetiapine.  Sensible, since antidepressants have sent me a bit mental in the past.  I don’t want to go back to the GP again so hopefully I’ll just be able to phone up and ask for the change to my prescription.  They’ll have to be quick about faxing over as I’m running out.  Still I suppose that’s what prescription pre-payment certificates are for!

I need a new project… time for a trip to Hobbycraft again.  The last one was this Game of Thrones style dragon egg.  I’m never making another one as I ended up bruised from cutting all the scales out.  Wire work maybe, or something I don’t know.  An owl.Dragon Egg

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