When They’re Quiet

The voices are spouting mostly nonsense but some is in reply to messages or things I’ve said and done.  Anything in brackets is what they actually mean when they say something.
How… WAIT! Don’t give the young ones away. Hansel (as well). Ho, that’s a chain (hang on a minute). It’s a pizza chain. I’ve got some nice water lilies. And after. How would you feel, how would you feel, how would you feel if I… That’s bezecker (that’s okay). It’s a traitor (cheese). Oh yes, I can see. It’s finished, it’s only the bank loft. It’s percussion. Rammachip. I think if it’s soggy it’ll be… Shelly. Shelly – the only answer. Who is Shelly? Who’s that? Now. Say what you’re looking for. It’s only the back one (the RED one). How can I… Ping ping ping. It’s 1984. Now. Reverb! Lying on the bed, arm up. Space! It’s excyclement (orangery). Two down. Backwards kind of planet. How would you know? Got to give Jenny some crisps got to give Jenny some crisps got to give Jenny some crisps. It’s a lamb now. And buhshwayne (redcurrant). No more messages, don’t bother.
[quiet for ten minutes]
I’m not a criminal. Not from me neither. It works. Take one of these over. It’s (you’re) terminal. Take one of these over. I’ve coughed it (got it). Grab one. How do you know it’s only peas? It’s also kettle fish. I think I’m… Sit still. Did you manage to get that over? That’s right. Are you potash(drinking)? If the potash hits something (if you’re drinking)… Can I have the light sabre way (cider). Aaaaarrrrggghh coke. Bite sum humrights (have a chocolate flake). Fidget. Hand (cheese). Perhaps. The person, this person rainbow gas on please. Pick up rounds only going into your left eye. Enthusiasm! Don’t take up with them. Arms. You’ve got some good whiskey! Change. Just there sitting and it’s waiting, bland. Dribbling: scored you about fourteen hundred. It puts it in 18 you know. What. I don’t like it, I thought it was just me. A tanner (camera) upstairs. Yes. No, no, no. 1999? I don’t think it’s on there. West Country. Red and glory and all that.  Everything’s shiny. It’s meant to be sweet. Crabbein tiers egan. Finely plugged, the only thing I could do was cost the rust. Over, it’s open. No, no because I haven’t seen the birds today.
And so on and so forth.  They shut up for a bit while I was in the town centre today.  I felt so alone.

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