Or lack thereof.

At what point does it become insomnia?  I’m wary of using the word; there are so many people that really suffer with it.  And here I am with a few days of nosleep.  I’ve slept approximately 5 hours out of the last 72.  I woke up Sunday morning and that was that.  Now it’s Wednesday.

It’s starting to affect me physically.  I have a mouth ulcer and a sore throat, so clearly my immune system is crying out for a rest.  My joints ache purely through overuse (and my hip joints suck anyway).  I’m clumsy – all my spacial awareness is off.

I think I will take a sleeper tonight.  I’ll deal with the hangover for the sake of not being dead.  It’s a good trade-off!

My impromptu holiday is mostly not going to plan.  I’m enjoying it, but I had intended to have quite a lot more walks and quite a lot less anxiety attacks over the idea of going outside.

Must take steps to not get manic.


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