I Went to a Bipolar Group

I went to a bipolar group.

It was… different.  It’s run by a guy with bipolar himself – had it for many many years – and the group is completely detached from the NHS and the CMHT.  I’ve joined halfway through its pilot (it finishes in April, they are fighting for funding – don’t need much, just for handouts, tea and coffee, room rent), so it’s an established group, but a welcoming one.  It’s run as a drop-in so there’s no pressure to be there every single week, no pressure to ever go again.  What is most important about it is that there is no pressure to be well.  They’re very accepting.  One lady was hypomanic and getting higher, with no psychiatrist appointment for two weeks.  She wasn’t sleeping so everyone told her to see her GP for sleepers, or go to a pharmacy and get promethazine.  It’s helpful without being pressured.  There was no pressure to speak, which is good because I’m feeling low…

I think I will go back next week.

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