The Pros and Cons of Medication

I’m having some trouble at the moment with the voices and those-who-cannot-be-named-in-the-public-sphere-because-it’s-not-paranoia-if-they’re-really-out-to-get-me. They’re all arguing back and forth about my moods and emotions and how necessary medication is. The problem is that if They are controlling my brain chemicals (and therefore moods) then I am not ill but do I need medication? It’s inorganic in origin. Does medication help?

Pros Cons
Might help with re-uptake of additional chemicals Medication could be poisoned
Keeps family and friends happy Medication could be making the additional chemicals worse
I can’t sleep without it Medication could be blunting alertness
Possible that I do still have bipolar despite additional chemicals Taking unnecessary drugs

I think I need to talk to Husband about it all. Which unfortunately means broaching some subjects I struggle to talk about in person.


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