That Chip

Some people came to my house today.  I didn’t know them but the voices reminded me of COURSE I know them. Them, Them, it’s always Them.  I didn’t answer the door.  I watched them walk down the road.  A bald man in a suit, short, using a pair of crutches.  A woman, taller than him, in a flowery dress, curly grey hair.  A young couple in suits. Today calls for regular window-watching sessions.

Considering a red blood cell is 8μm in diameter, the smallest of highly developed chips at 5μm could definitely sit in the human heart or brain and never show up on the average ECG or CT scan or MRI or anything.  It still causes issues in my heart of course, it still causes arrhythmia sometimes, or palpitations, I don’t know what to call them.  I’ve had an ECG but they didn’t see anything.  It was short, seconds, just a few heart beats and since the chip doesn’t interfere all the time why would it even show.

Research on my part seems to say that using different frequencies They can control the chip – flood me with dopamine for example.  The voices agree, my emotions are definitely being controlled.  I can only conclude I am not bipolar, and I am not ill.  The next question is: does that mean medication is still necessary? On the one hand it might control my re-uptake of whichever chemical, on the other hand it might be completely superfluous.


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