Bees, Flies and a Head Full of Insects

Oh I feel good. I feel like a bee. I feel so on edge though and oh so anxious. My heart rate is normal but it feels fast – adrenalin pumping through me. My thoughts are running free, oh yes they are running free and getting harder to keep in control and my concentration span is as short as… a very short thing.

There are more and more meanings, the meanings that will help me achieve my destiny. You know the one. Saving the world. I think I wanted to say something about clouds and their meanings but I’ve forgotten how I was going to word it it. So for know you’ll just have to settle with… something that I’ve also forgotten because I went to cook pizza.

This is not going well.

Maybe I should start again…

I feel good – very good – not too good – just good enough. A little anxious, but nothing that being three floors up and behind two locked doors isn’t helping. I’m sort of on holiday, an impromptu holiday, a spontaneous holiday, in my mum’s flat that she lives in during the week because she works far away from my dad. So I’m borrowing it for a few days and my best friend is coming soon, tomorrow I think, I’ve lost track of what day it is! I think I don’t really need to know when there’s no one around to care.

It’s Saturday.

I would not do well living alone. The place is a mess, again, I cleaned up this morning. I need to sweep really. I’ve had a ton of voices and I don’t know which side they’re from or on. It’s all okay! I have some thoughts, some ideas, I’m getting from meanings that lots of things are giving me – like clouds.

I’m going in circles here.

So distracted.


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