I’m sort of toying with an idea for a series of comic strips, or an illustrated story or something along those lines. I have a vague storyline,  some characters and many, many doodles. I’m not sure what I have in mind for the tone, or for the audience.  Basically I just want to draw some things. So:

If anyone would like to write the story so I can draw, please comment, tweet, email!

A short example of the art style.



Another Day, Another GP Appointment

Well I didn’t get sectioned, so I’m rather pleased about that, although it was a rather close thing. On the edge of a knife. It came down to, essentially, more quetiapine or MHA.

GP: You’re manic.

Me: No I’m not.

GP: Yes you are.

That was basically the gist of the appointment. Husband is really rather angry with me right now because he thinks I’m manic and I think I’m fine (except maybe a touch bouncy).

I don’t know what to do really. I take the meds, blah blah, there are no other treatment options available, so I don’t see what I could do even if it was a mental health issue!

I’m concerned about the voices with regards to my safety, I don’t want to go into it anymore than that. I’ll just have to remember.

GP: Do you want some sleeping tablets?

Me: No!

GP: *confused look* but people usually bash down my door for these!

I hate sleepers. I’d rather not sleep. I hate the lack of alertness, I hate not being able to wake up, I hate that I’m so helpless when I’m on them and I hate the hangover.

The plan for the rest of the day is to not go for a walk and maybe have a bath.

The Wrong Film

Today I watched a film. Sort of.

It was meant to be Titanic but after a good hour I realised that it was Lord of the Rings. And it was on silent.

So what had I been listening to, even – wrong film aside, easy mistake to make probably. Different colour, greenish browns instead of blueish greys but never mind. I’d thought the words were a bit off but apparently not quiiite managed to put two and two together. Or rather I did, but in this case 2+2 equalled banana.

Rose was telling me MI5 was watching. Probably that should have been a clue. That and all the other people chanting ‘reborn’ constantly.

I have given up watching TV for today.