I’m not one for symbolic analysis of dreams; none of this bullshit, like a dream about a frog with red feet doesn’t mean I’m going to be lucky but if it has green feet it means the shower is going to break.

But last night I had three nightmares that were pretty indicative of what’s going on in my head right now. First, I was at school and the teachers kept making us do weird things like collecting chalk from all the buildings. Second, I was running around the local shopping centre like a nutjob. And third, I was trying to drive my car from the back seat and failing.

The theme was very clear in my nightmares – loss of control. I am losing control, I don’t want to lose control, I fear loss of control. I don’t know how to keep control.

But because there’s always a bright side – at least I slept long enough to have three whole dreams!


This Is What I’m Calling Productive

I have achieved basically nothing for days. I have:

  • Tidied half a room
  • Kept myself vaguely clean (although I am somewhat covered in paint and my hair needs a wash)
  • Went to Chichester; acquired shorts
  • Planned some gardening, if not actually done any yet
  • Tried to draw. In progress.
  • Tried drypoint etching; failed miserably

Actually that’s not that bad. Reflection helps! Now for more drawing.