If the Ink was Red it would look like a Murder Scene

This is going to be a linocut-related post for the most part, the mental health stuff is further down the page – here is a SHORTCUT.


I went a bit linocut-mad recently.  I had a few… erm… I don’t actually know what they’re called officially, but the actual bits of lino that you print off… I had a few of those ready but I was putting off printing because it takes forever and is very physically demanding, especially as in the end I spent about three half-days printing and I’m really stiff now.

Really I only had three images (for lack of a better word) to print – Deadline: Bluebird, a cute little dinosaur and some ‘Sorry You Feel Shit’ greetings cards.  The bluebird one needed overprinting a couple of times though – three bits of lino.

On with the show!

The Set Up

The set up is a bit of glass (taped down!) to roll the ink out on, ink (black and blue), a brayer, TEA (of course), a vodka bottle (because I don’t own a press, not for drinking), a big ol’ lamp, the lino and some paper.

Also a lot of masking tape so I know where things should line up.


The masking tape was fun – turns out it’s unbelievably indescribably unfathomably useful, who would have thought.  This is the outcome of those three bits of lino:  I’m quite pleased with it!

Deadline: Bluebird

Deadline: Bluebird

Dinosaur – rawr!

Then I did a quick dinosaur for the fun of it – only printed one of these, aside from the one in my print book – it’s cute but I don’t really need a ton of copies of it.


Also he looks a bit like a orca in black and white; he needs a pink tummy!

The Cards

Finally, I printed ten ‘sorry you feel shit’ greetings cards in an antidote to the standard sickly saccharine shite and I was going to post them up on this brand new website but I’ve run out already – possibly ten wasn’t enough and now I don’t have any blanks the right size so it’s on to a new design!


Please email any suggestions to bluebird@bluebirdartcollective.com.


I need them.

The Mental Health Content

Well, I’m not sure I have much to update on… I got lost twice today, which was slightly worrying… well actually I didn’t get lost, my house did – it’s hard to explain, I knew where it was but it wasn’t where it should be and it just felt odd somehow, anyway it’s here, I’m here, I’m home and safe and inside.

There have been a couple of worrying things happening but I can’t talk about them here because of Reasons, that I also can’t talk about here for the same Reasons, although I will be at least attempting to discuss them with NiceGP (who I am seeing again on Friday because I think he might be worried, although I’m still not seeing why everyone is worried; I don’t feel manic, I feel just fine, normal, healthy).

I have voices, yes, and I’m happy, yes, but I’m pretty sure I am actually fine and people are overreacting.

I’m supposed to be getting an urgent appointment with the psychiatrist, but I’m not sure how they’re defining ‘urgent’ exactly… oh well, it’ll come when it comes (if?).

Anyway since I apparently only posted yesterday really nothing much has happened!  Still happy still not dead still got voices still worrying people it would seem but still feeling fine.